Putting down confident girls is not feminism

shaming sex workers is not feminism

"I’m not like other girls" is not feminism

slut shaming is not feminism

shaming BDSM practitioners is not feminism

misandry is not feminism

ignoring trans women’s rights is not feminism


Wake and bake





you’re the window to my wall

you’re the sweat that drips down my balls

That post wasn’t about me. I’m actually feeling very positive as of late. That post was about a friend of mine who is going through a hard time right now. And the people closest to her seemed to be shrugging her off.

If someone is down on their self, dont just tell them they should love themself; Tell them why they should.

If someones ever really down own themselves, don’t just tell them to love themselves; Tell they why they should.

so if you wanna burn yourself

remember that I love you 

and if you wanna cut yourself

remember that I love you 

and if you wanna kill yourself

remember that I love you

call me up before you’re dead

we can make some plans instead

send me an IM, I’ll be your friend


dont tell anyone you miss them

dont tell anyone you like them

its not worth it.

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